Paisley Diocese Mass Times

Paisley Diocese Sunday Mass Times 

Below are the Sunday Mass times for the Parishes of Paisley Diocese. Information taken from Diocese website ( Contact specific Parish for fruther information. Updated February 2023. 



Parish Priest

Mass Times

Holy Family, Port Glasgow

Fr Dan Fitzpatrick; Fr Laurant Bahati

5:30pm Vigil | 11am 

St John the Baptist's, Port Glasgow

Fr Dan Fitzpatrick 

6pm Vigil | 9:30am | 11am 

St Laurence's, Greenock

Fr Eoin Patten

6pm Vigil | 10am | 12pm

St Patrick's, Greenock

Monsignor Gerry Gallagher

5:30pm Vigil | 9am | 11am 

St Joseph's, Greenock

Fr Maurice Callaghan

5pm Vigil | 10:30am | 5pm 

St Andrew's, Greenock

Canon Daniel McLoughlin

4pm Vigil | 11am | 6pm 

St Mary's, Greenock 

Canon Thomas Boyle 

5:30pm Vigil | 10am | 12pm

St Ninian's, Gourock

Fr Gerry McNelis 

5:30pm Vigil | 10:30am 

St Joseph's & St Patrick's, Wemyss Bay

Canon Desmond Berry

5pm Vigil | 10am | 5pm 

St Colm's, Kilmacolm

Fr Joe Burke


St Filan's, Houston

Monsignor Andrew McFadden

5pm Vigil | 9:30am | 11am

Christ the King, Howwood 

Monsignor Denis Carlin


Our Lady of Lourdes, Bishopton

Canon Peter McGarry

9:30am | 11am

St Aidan's, Johnstone

Monsignor John Tormey

11am | 6pm

St Margaret's, Johnstone

Fr Paul Brady

5:30pm Vigil | 10am | 12pm

St Conval's, Linwood

Fr Michael McMahon

5:30pm Vigil | 10:30am

St Bernadette's, Erskine

Fr David Boyd


St John Bosco's, Erskine

Fr David Boyd

5:30pm Vigil 

St Fergus', Paisley

Fr John Morrison

6pm Vigil | 11:30am

St Mary's Paisley

Fr John Morrison

4:30pm Vigil | 10:30am 

St Paul's, Paisley

Fr Thomas John

6pm Vigil | 11am

St Peter's, Paisley

Fr Thomas John

4:45pm Vigil | 9:30am

St James', Paisley

Fr Joseph Burke | Curate: Fr Ryan Black


St Mirin's Cathedral, Paisley

Fr Joseph Burke | Curate: Fr Ryan Black

4pm Vigil | 8am | 11am | 2:30pm (Polish)

St James', Renfrew

Fr John Eagers

11am | 7:15pm

St Columba's, Renfrew

Fr John Eagers

4pm Vigil | 9:45am

St Charles', Paisley

Canon James Duggan

5pm Vigil | 10:30am | 12pm | 5:30pm 

St Thomas', Neilston

Administrator: Fr Johnathan Whitworth

4pm Vigil | 10am 

St John's, Barrhead

Fr Joseph Balmer 

4:30pm Vigil | 10am | 11:30pm | 5pm

St Cadoc's, Newton Mearns

Canon Edward Cameron

5pm Vigil | 10am | 12pm | 4pm

St Joseph's, Clarkston

Fr Stephen Bailie

4pm Vigil | 10am | 12pm | 5pm

St Bridget's, Eaglesham

Fr Stephen Bailie (residing in St Joseph's, Clarkston)