Paisley Diocese Mass Times

Saint Francis of Assisi RC Church

Port Glasgow

Paisley Diocese Sunday Mass Times 

Below are the Sunday Mass times for the Parishes of Paisley Diocese. Information taken from Diocese website ( Contact specific Parish for fruther information. Updated September 2020. 


Parish Priest

Mass Times

Holy Family, Port Glasgow

Fr Opara Chima Kingsley

5:30pm Vigil | 11am 

St John the Baptist's, Port Glasgow

Fr Maurice Callaghan

6pm Vigil | 9:30am | 11am 

St Laurence's, Greenock

Fr Eoin Patten

6pm Vigil | 10am | 12pm

St Patrick's, Greenock

Monsignor Gerry Gallagher

5:30pm Vigil | 9am | 11am 

St Joseph's, Greenock

Fr Thomas Erambil

5pm Vigil | 10:30am | 5pm 

St Andrew's, Greenock

Canon Daniel McLoughlin

4pm Vigil | 11am | 6pm 

St Mary's, Greenock 

Canon Thomas Boyle 

5:30pm Vigil | 10am | 12pm

St Ninian's, Gourock

Fr Gerry McNelis 

5:30pm Vigil | 10:30am 

St Joseph's & St Patrick's, Wemyss Bay

Canon Desmond Berry

5pm Vigil | 10am | 5pm 

St Colm's, Kilmacolm

Fr Joe Burke


St Filan's, Houston

Monsignor Andrew McFadden

5pm Vigil | 9:30am | 11am

Christ the King, Howwood 

Monsignor Denis Carlin


Our Lady of Lourdes, Bishopton

Canon Peter McGarry

9:30am | 11am

St Aidan's, Johnstone

Monsignor John Tormey

11am | 6pm

St Margaret's, Johnstone

Fr Paul Brady

5:30pm Vigil | 10am | 12pm

St Conval's, Linwood

Fr Michael McMahon

5:30pm Vigil | 10:30am

St Bernadette's, Erskine

Fr David Boyd


St John Bosco's, Erskine

Fr David Boyd

5:30pm Vigil 

St Fergus', Paisley

Fr John Morrison

6pm Vigil | 11:30am

St James', Paisley

Fr John Morrison


St Paul's, Paisley

Fr Jude Okorie

6pm Vigil | 11:15am

St Peter's, Paisley

Fr Andrew Coleman

4:45pm Vigil | 10am

St Mary's, Paisley

Fr Jude Okorie

4:30pm Vigil | 10:30am 

St Mirin's Cathedral, Paisley

Fr Joseph Burke | Curate: Fr Ryan Black

5:30pm Vigil | 8am | 10am | 12pm

St James', Renfrew

Fr John Eagers

11am | 7:15pm

St Columba's, Renfrew

Fr John Eagers

4pm Vigil | 9:45am

St Charles', Paisley

Canon James Duggan

5pm Vigil | 10:30am | 12pm | 5:30pm 

St Thomas', Neilston

Fr Joseph Balmer

4pm Vigil | 10am 

St John's, Barrhead

Fr Joseph Balmer | Curate: Fr Jonathan Whitworth

4:30pm Vigil | 10am | 11:30pm | 5pm

St Cadoc's, Newton Mearns

Canon Edward Cameron

5pm Vigil | 10am | 12pm | 4pm

St Joseph's, Clarkston

Fr Stephen Bailie

4pm Vigil | 10am | 12pm | 5pm

St Bridget's, Eaglesham

Fr Stephen Bailie (residing in St Joseph's, Clarkston)


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